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Cultivating the right behavioral mindset is more effective and sustainable long term

IPIC focuses largely on fixing leader’s mindset to build a sustainable safety culture. Along with tracking safety, health and environment (SHE) management system, we believe that cultivating the right behavioral mindset is more effective and sustainable long term.

Clarify that safety is the priority

It’s critical to explain to all employees what is expected of them and why.  IPIC leaders must be explicit about there being no acceptable trade-offs between safety and productivity. Safety is paramount at the expense of productivity. That said, when safety is truly prioritized, productivity often follows accordingly.

Develop soft skills.

While everyone needs to be trained in technical skills, they also need to have the right level of soft skills. IPIC managers need to learn how to both identify systemic issues and provide an environment in which people can speak freely. Operators need to be able to identify hazards and control risk, as well as contribute to a positive, caring team environment. Self-awareness is also a critical soft skill, allowing people to recognize their behaviors and make a shift.

Reward safe behaviors.

Management should use reinforcing mechanisms to keep emphasizing a new behavior, mind-sets will change over time. When it comes to safety, companies tend to naturally focus on reacting to negative outcomes: accidents that happen and people who fail to follow the rules or make safe decisions. Taking this action, then, requires an intentional push from leaders.

Role model behaviors from the top.

No amount of frontline intervention will make up for a lack of support from top leadership and other individuals throughout the organization who, because of their expertise or personality, have the power to influence behavior. IPIC leaders are taught to start meetings by acknowledging how the company has performed against its safety goals since the last meeting to send the right message about their commitment to safety.

IPIC is about building a deeply embedded safety culture by identifying and overcoming limiting mind-sets.